In co-production with
In association with CTV
A Film Directed by

Life With Murder

Produced, Directed and Written by:John Kastner

Co - Producer:Deborah Parks

Producer and Executive Producer (NFB):Silva Basmajian

Production Executives for CTV: Robert G. Hurst, Bob Culbert

Editor: Greg West

Directors of Photography: Mark Caswell, John Westheuser

Composer: Bruce Fowler

Location Sound: Douglas Kaye

Consulting Producer/Researcher: Amy Barnes

Additional Camera: Doug Paul, Elizabeth Marshall

Jib Operator: Wojtek Kozlowski

Location Stills: Geoff George

Assistant Editor: Andrew Brose

On-line Editor/Colorist: Kyle Brock

Creative Director: Sean Evans

Graphic Designer: Gavin McDonald

Supervising Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer: Stephen Barden

Additional Sound Editing: Niall Collins, Coll Anderson

Assistant Sound Editor: Diane Birsan

Music Score Engineer: Mike Duncan

Violin: Adele Armin

Violin: Wendy Rose

Viola: Uri Mayer

Cello: Coenraad Bloemendal

Transcriptions: Chris Warren

Production Assistant: Laurel Toews

Production Assistant: Gabriel Kastner

Production Accountant: Anne Sinclair

Production Auditor: Steven Friedman

Entertainment Lawyers: Gigi Morin, Iain MacKinnon

Publicity: David McCaughna

Production Insurance: Judy Heron

Vice - President, Business & Legal Affairs - CTV: Corrie Coe

Production Supervisor National Film Board of Canada: Mark Wilson

Production Coordinator National Film Board of Canada: Rachel Punwassie

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – Windsor: Stock Footage

Sun Media Corporation: Stock Footage

Special Thanks to:
Chatham-Kent Police Services
Chief Dennis Poole
Correctional Service of Canada
Lori Macdonald
Holly Knowles
Chas Stickel
Monty Bourke
Cathy Belanger

Thanks to:
Cindy Witten
Michelle Van Beuesekom
Sean Farnel
Karina Rotenstein
Kristy Morrison
Dr. W V McDermott
Dr. Lori Gray
Christine Cairns
Brad Greig
Marianne McFadden
Dan Greenwood
Jake Zruna
Theresa Burke
Marla Gammage
Kristine King
Nicole Hopper
Chrystal Wilson
Melissa Ferren
Jaimie Graham
Jennifer Croteau

Produced by J S Kastner Productions Ltd
In co-production with the National Film Board of Canada
In Association With CTV
Produced with the participation of CTF
and Rogers Documentary Fund
Developed with the assistance of the Canwest–Hot Docs Development Fund
and The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

©2009 JSK Jasper Productions Ltd.

©2009 National Film Board of Canada