Produced, written and directed by triple Emmy-winner John Kastner.

This is the Jenkins family, sharing a family moment during a prison visit with their son. Mason Jenkins is serving a life sentence for murdering his sister Jennifer. Ten years ago, when he was 20, Mason allegedly killed his 18-year-old sister with repeated rifle shots to her head and heart. His parents Brian and Leslie (who found the battered and bleeding body of their daughter in their basement) have not only steadfastly stood by him, but hope that he will one day make parole and come home to live together with them.

With astonishing access to footage of the entire family over a ten year period the film follows their unfolding relationship on its dark journey, starting from minutes after the murder to the present day. Mason continues to insist he is innocent and his parents have stood by him despite what appears to be overwhelming evidence of his guilt. Then, in an astonishing twist, the film reveals who really killed Jennifer Jenkins: the killer confesses to the murder on camera.