Not Criminally Responsible:
Wedding Secrets

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(L-R) Sean Clifton, NCR sufferer, Nicole Rogers and Jon McMahon (Sean’s son) at the wedding of Jon and Nicole August 25 2016 (L-R) A tense Julie Bouvier, Sean Clifton’s victim, and her Mother Noella Bouvier, en route to meet Sean Clifton 17 years after he attempted to murder her by stabbing her repeatedly. Julie Bouvier shaking hands with Clifton, as her father and mother Andy and Noella Bouvier, look on. Their first face-to-face encounter since his sanity hearing in 1999.

Julie Bouvier (L) meeting with Sean Clifton (R). Her father, Andy Bouvier, Sean’s son, Jon McMahon, Noella Bouvier, Julie’s mother (background, L-R). Both Julie and Sean asked their relatives along for moral support for the tense meeting. At the wedding, Sean Clifton and his victim, Julie Bouvier, share a laugh.

LATER THAT NIGHT AT THE WEDDING DINNER: (L-R) Julie Bouvier, Nicole Rogers, Andy Bouvier, Jon McMahon, Noella Bouvier, Sean Clifton. A grim-looking Clifton, the would-be murderer, shares a table with his victim and her family as his son and bride chat happily together.

(L TO R) Jon McMahon, Nicole Rogers, Sean Clifton, Noella Bouvier, Julie Bouvier, Andy Bouvier. Share a toast at the end of Julie’s first meeting with Sean since his sanity hearing in 1999. Jon McMahon watches his father Sean Clifton’s victim, Julie Bouvier, on the TV screen in the film NCR: Not Criminally Responsible. McMahon has said it was only after seeing the film he decided to meet with Clifton, his birth father. (L to R) Jon McMahon and his birth father, Sean Clifton in one of their first meetings since McMahon was adopted out as an infant.

John Kastner, director of NCR: Not Criminally Responsible and Not Criminally Responsible: Wedding Secrets. He has won 4 Emmys and 5 Emmy Nominations. Julie Bouvier on Canada AM in 2013 after she decided to reveal her face to the public. Bouvier, her face partially disguised, in NCR: Not Criminally Responsible. 

Various shots of Sean Clifton while still a patient in the Brockville Mental Health Centre.