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On Paradise Island in the Bahamas one of the world’s biggest resorts, Atlantis, sits right next door to one of the world’s smallest, the Sivananda Yoga Ashram. Two vacations, diametrically opposed. Hedonism vs holiness, cheek by jowl. This is about a man who takes both vacations at the same time.

In the docu-comedy Sinner in Paradise triple Emmy-winning filmmaker John Kastner, mistakenly believing he is going on a fun-filled resort vacation, instead signs up for a strict yoga holiday where guests arise at 5:30 am and follow a puritanical regimen avoiding all pleasures of the flesh including alcohol, sex and loud music.

Desperate for fun Kastner keeps slipping away to cheat at other resorts such as Atlantis and Club Med.

He is soon leading a double life, sliding down a slippery slope in a series of comic misadventures, eventually becoming ensnared in the wild goings-on of some sex-obsessed guests at Jamaica’s Hedonism II. A yoga sinner on a spiritual quest learns just how weak the flesh can be.